Global products with local production and support

Products from global design

Parker Hannifin has more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of drives, controls, motors and mechanical products. As a technology leader, Parker promotes the development of global products in Europe, North America and Asia thanks to a specially dedicated technical team.
Presence and local experience
Parker has local engineering resources with the specific task of applying the products and technologies to the needs of different markets to better meet the needs of customers. The technicians also supervise the development and production of complex motion control systems for continuous processes and applications.
Production aimed at satisfying the needs of customers
Parker's main objective is to satisfy the demand for services required for customers to operate successfully in the global industrial market. Parker's team working in production are constantly searching to improve efficiency by implementing lean methods in the entire production process. 

Parker's operations can be measured by the ability to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and delivery. To this end, Parker operates and continues to invest in factories in Europe, North America and Asia. These actions minimise time and transportation costs for a faster response to customers.

Solutions to improve productivity, increase flexibility and save energy

Parker brings together technology and experience in many industrial application fields. The AC and DC speed controllers, combined with software configuration with block function or specific applications, ensure precise control of speed and reliable performance. Parker has over 30 years experience and a sales network and global technical support able to increase the possibilities of customers' machines.

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