Parker Idraulica

Parker offers one of the most comprehensive industrial hydraulic product lines on the market. From pumps and engine valves and motion controllers, all of our products share a great tradition of advanced technology for your applications. They incorporate electronic control for precise movement, innovative design to reduce bulk and unbeatable features. Parker's industrial components and hydraulic systems are designed for reliable and accurate control in pack sizes with small footprint and weight.


Parker offers the most complete range of hydraulic accumulators and related products. We offer a complete line of piston and bag accumulators, gas cylinders and other accessories. These reliable components improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system while maintaining pressure, boosting pump capacity and cushioning system stresses. Moreover, robust design ensures years of efficient and reliable operation.


Parker Hannifin is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders for industrial applications. Our cylinders offer the high performance you expect from Parker, that is, millions of trouble-free operations. Parker cylinders have long been the most reliable and economical industrial cylinders on the market.


Parker filtration products are designed to maximize the reliability of your hydraulic systems and components by protecting them from fluid contamination. Our full range of return and return filters extends the life of the machines while reducing cost and maintenance. We offer high, medium and low pressure filters as well as portable filter carts and spare filter elements.

Hydraulic connections

Parker offers a complete line of hydraulic connections and services for hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The products range from high quality quick couplings, valves, and plugs to the tubes available in a variety of interior materials, reinforcement design and outer sheaths. Our global distribution network and our local service centers in strategic locations allow you to receive the required product when and where needed.

Integrated hydraulic circuits

Parker is a world leader in the design and manufacture of integrated hydraulic circuits. We provide solutions for complex circuits by selecting cartridge valves from our wide range of products and integrating them into a block. We use 3D CAD / CAM software, state-of-the-art machining centers and fully automated testing to ensure maximum application performance.

Valves and hydraulic controls

We produce hydraulic control valves for virtually any industrial application, from simple on / off functions to precise motion control. Our range includes single and clamping control valves, motion controllers, pressure regulating valves, servo valves and directional and proportional valves mounted on blocks.


All of our high and low speed engines offer high power output up to 110,000 Nm. A wide range of gear, pallet, Gerotor and piston motors is available with fixed and variable displacement. The Parker hydraulic motors deliver excellent performance, high efficiency, effective wear and tear compensation.


Parker offers the most comprehensive line of standard and pre-designed hydraulic control units on the market. We offer from the vertical 20-liter control units to the 625-liter suspended control units. Parker also offers customized control units designed and manufactured according to customer specifications and equipped for virtually any application, with the convenience of a unique quality vendor. All Parker units are supported by comprehensive design assistance with control documentation for use in workshop. Also, most Parker catalog units are available in 5 working days.


The wide range of efficient Parker hydraulic pumps includes pistons, blades and gear pumps with fixed or variable flow rates. Designed to handle a variety of applications, Parker pumps are available with many electronic and computerized control devices. Like all Parker products, the pumps are produced with the best materials and with rigid quality controls. The result is a high efficiency and low maintenance pump that can operate under the toughest conditions.

Rotating actuators

Parker is one of the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of pinion and rack hydraulic actuators with torque up to 68,000 Nm. In addition to standard rotary actuators, we work together with our customers to meet the needs of specific applications. Rotary actuators offer a consistently high torque to perform a variety of operations such as lifting, rotating, tilting, tilting, indexing, transferring, mixing, valve actuation, tensioning and locking. Applications include machine tools and packaging, nautical, primary metals, rubber and plastic as well as material handling.

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